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Climate change has greatly affected my coastal community in South Florida. I propose a climate literacy course for middle and high school students. Through this course, students would be given the opportunity to gather basic climate literacy, be connected to meaningful initiatives, and be given a platform within their community to advocate for change. Upon implementation of my proposed program, high school students would be given the option to complete a climate change literacy course. Students will cover topics that provide a basic understanding of climate change and its impact on our communities. They will also be taught how to effectively advocate for change and how to address climate change deniers. Opportunities for off-site training (field trips, volunteer opportunities) will also be implemented. The course would be flexible, so it could be tailored to best accommodate each school. Additionally, the curriculum for the course could also be integrated into existing science curriculums to make integration easier. This program is especially important in my community because, how can we fix an issue we don’t know about? Everyone always says that the future is in the hands of the youth, so why not give us the tools to create change?