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In the past few years, despite the fact that we’ve been reaching a lot of record-high temperatures, we’ve also been receiving a lot of record-low temperatures. Meaning that the threat of a massive snowstorm blanketing the Hampton Roads area is ever-increasing. However, we lack the proper tools, protocols, and preventative measures in order to handle such a snowstorm effectively. Currently, we salt the roads if there’s suspected snow in order to prevent ice build-up, and have a few hundred snow-plowing trucks to be dispatched should we have snow. But this is not enough to efficiently deal with frequent snowstorms. Snowstorms can be dangerous in many ways such as decreased visibility while driving, as well as ice making the roads much slicker. The number of car accidents increases significantly when there is ice on the roads, due to cars sliding into each other. My solution then is to simply increase the number of snowstorm countermeasures, such as plow trucks, in the Hampton Roads area. As well as to implement more protocols for clearing the roads to make them safer and more efficient. For example, start by clearing major interstate highways, then move to major secondary roads, and so on.