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Destruction Climate change is one of the biggest world problems of the present. The devastation natural disasters cause is unbelievable, and with climate change increasing with every passing second, these natural disasters will only become more frequent and more deadly. In the Hampton Roads area, extreme heat, flash flooding, tropical storms, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms are all possible hazards that can arrive without warning. Practically everything in the Hampton Roads community can be affected by these natural hazards, especially if the intensity of said hazards are great. Buildings, businesses, infrastructure, vehicles, and even lifes can be damaged or completely destroyed. There is a solution, however, the use of renewable energy. Any renewable energy should be used instead of any nonrenewable energy starting now. Sure, most nonrenewable energy is cheaper, but in the near future we are going to run out of nonrenewable energy anyway, and on top of that, the greenhouse gasses that nonrenewable energy emits is the main cause of global warming. All in all, renewable energy is the most efficient way to solve our climate change problem. If we do not act on this problem soon, nature will destroy everything we have worked so hard for.