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My way of battling some of the upcoming climate hazards is to use water purifiers where water typically floods. Said purifiers would help battle flooding and lack of clean water in places. Norfolk floods like crazy so this would allow traffic to be less of a problem in certain areas. This would allow businesses to stay open in locations near a retaining pond that floods a lot, schools can now open at regular times instead of having delayed hours, and can benefit the economy. Machines would be set up underground and collect water that the given area overflows, water runs into the purifiers and collects into a tank. The now clean water could then be donated to either local shelters or countries that were just recently hit by hurricanes like Puerto Rico. You could also factor the water back into the houses and apartments in the area. These purifiers would reduce droughts and able to give back to the community and overall increase the economy. Keeping businesses open and roads clean and free of water especially in the cold is critical to saving money.