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Coastal flooding poses a real problem for many coastal cities. Coastal flooding has negatively affected many cities and communities. Coastal flooding has cost many home owners tens of thousands of dollars on flood damage repair. It also causes road closures which prevent people from getting to work, trapped people at home, and prevents them from getting suppliess. There has been a spike in coastal flooding due to icebergs melting causing the sea level to rise. The icebergs are melting rapidly due to global warming. Global warming is a pressing matter that has many different factors that contribute to it getting worse. There are many ways to help prevent and slow global warming. One of which is to recycle because recycling helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy consumption. Another way to slow climate change is to take shorter showers because the energy used to heat the water emits carbon dioxide (which is a greenhouse gas that warms the earth) into the atmosphere. The final way is to drive less because cars emit a lot of carbon dioxide, so instead of driving think about carpooling, taking public transportation, or riding a bike.