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One of the biggest reasons that wildfires spread so quickly is because of how dry the environment gets. On most occasions if the fire spreads faster, it means that the woods were very dry or in a drought. Which would in return be making the trees susceptible to catching fire faster and spreading even faster than that. If the trees were more saturated, they wouldn’t catch fire as fast… therefore giving more time for the fire department to come and put out the fire. How can this be done? It can be done with the same vehicle used to put the fires out in the first place- a water scooper! If there’s an area that’s likely to get wildfires that’s in a drought, then the fire department should use a water scooper to dampen the woods. If the trees are wet, they might catch fire but it won’t happen at such a drastic speed. Even though we may never be able to fully stop wildfires, we can at least try and slow it down to cause less damage to our environment.