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Human activities have affected the earth in many ways. One of the most harmful ones is climate change. One of the major impacts of climate change is sea level rise. Due to the change in temperature glaciers in Antarctica are melting and storms have higher intensity. Because of this, sea levels have increased about 0.2 meters or more through these past 25 years. Due to sea level rise the flora and fauna are in danger, winds and rain intensity have increased, and citizens that live close to the coastal areas are in more threat than others due to the amount of flooding that occurs. The solution to this problem is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. This can be done by guiding people into telling them what should be done such as walking, riding bikes, and taking a bus instead of using their cars, saving energy, and factories switching to renewable energies. Green infrastructures should be built in the coastal areas to help with the flooding since these soaks in the water. This can be done by warning the government to inform citizens and having the government and citizens help with this problem