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The time to act is NOW. The Salt Lake City, Utah community is facing ever-increasing climate hazards due to climate change. The city is becoming hotter, with more frequent and intense heat waves. Wildfires are also becoming more common, as is air pollution. Intermittent drought and flooding are also changing the landscape of the city. These climate hazards will have a dramatic impact on the Salt Lake City community. Roads and parks will be impacted by increased heat and drought, while businesses may struggle to keep up with the changing climate. Schools will also be affected, as temperatures in classrooms rise and air pollution levels increase. To help build a more resilient community, I propose that Salt Lake City implement a climate action plan. This plan should include the installation of solar panels to reduce energy consumption and green infrastructure to reduce the impacts of drought and flooding. It should also include initiatives to increase public awareness of the effects of climate change, as well as steps to reduce air pollution and conserve water. By taking these actions, my community can become a leader in climate resilience and help others to do the same.