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Flooding can be helpful to nature but also dangerous for our community. The importance of flooding to nature is to support the ecosystem but also cause damage to property, cars, Loss of human life, animals, and more. We need to understand how important is exposure and climate hazards. The risk in my community from flooding I very important such as in other areas. It can lead to people and animals dying, damage to property and business, electricity damage, and more. This water will end up at lake Erie and we need to keep our water the cleanest we can. The way we can help this problem is to maintain the sewer drains and make more of them so the water can go faster through them and cause less flooding. The community can help by not throwing garbage where they shouldn't clean the garbage on the streets and when there is a storm try to check carefully on their closest drain so they won't be covered by garbage. We need to encourage people and students to take care of our environment. The importance of climate means a lot to our earth, the more we keep it clean the better the environment.