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Climate change proposes many issues in the modern world. One major issue that is quite simple to prevent is (man-made) forest fires. Forest fires can be detrimental to the environment around you and can simply ruin the area as a whole by emitting harmful gasses and getting rid of the forest. Forest fires commonly occur when a controlled fire can reach either unforeseen heights or when a fire is left neglected and unaccompanied. One solution to this problem is to construct designated burning areas. The burning area would include a cleared-out area, an in-ground fire-pit, and firewood at a discounted price to encourage the use of these burning areas. These burning areas could be used for community gatherings, a place to make friends. Most importantly, this burning area prevents forest fires due to the fact that there would almost always be a person to watch over it. Even if a fire would be left alone hopefully a member of the community would come to notice the unattended fire and quickly handle the situation. Having one of these designated burning areas could significantly reduce the number of forest fires in certain areas.