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Virginia is a historical state, many buildings have not been updated or repaired since the early 2000s or even the 1990s. Although some historical buildings in my community do not have to be repaired often, there are still many cases where they do. Many buildings in the area are very old, and not even just the historical ones are falling apart. We may not have serious flooding issues, but we still get hit by thunderstorms. This puts a lot of stress on many of the older buildings and infrastructure and can cause further damage to the building. This can make repair prices go up. Many of these buildings are also slowly being repaired. While this happens, continued rain and wind, can undo a lot of repairs being done; increasing costs more. There are not many ways to solve this issue, however, the most effective way would be by simply getting the state involved. By getting the state involved, we would be able to fund bigger projects and fix some of these older buildings a lot quicker.