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In Suffolk, there are many places that need evacuation routes, flood walls, and a lot more. Flood walls, especially, are needed in many places, one specifically being downtown Suffolk. There is a major road called North Main Street, and every time it rains a lot or storms, the road gets flooded and shut down. Even down the road from my house, there’s a road that floods occasionally, stopping me from going anywhere. With evacuation plans, there are not a lot of plans put out or talked about in the public. And with the flooded roads, the evacuation plan could get blocked and there would be no way to evacuate. Lastly, the warnings for floods are put out primarily on people’s phones or their tv’s, but what about the people without those things? There aren’t many ways for people to receive the news of floods, and if they do, it’s normally a little while after the flooding has started and they are already being impacted.