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In the 757, we don’t have many climate related hazards that can cause major destruction. Virginia is right in the middle where it is cold in the winter and hot in the summer so the extremes are too extreme. Even though this is true, there was recently extreme cold for Virginia as it reached as low as 15 degrees. The main issue this caused was frozen pipes and frozen pipes busting. The houses that were built have older HVAC systems and have older materials made into their pipes and with the technology now their is no reason why the pipes shouldn’t be able to handles temperatures when they go below freezing. Potential solutions would be to upgrade HVAC systems in houses since many houses had to drip their faucets to prevent their pipes from freezing. Another solution could be to use better insulation or materials for pipes to give them more resilience to freezing temperatures. With these potential solutions, I would say that providing better insulation and upgrading HVAC systems would be the best to the rare, but serious, occasion when pipes freeze in Virginia.