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Droughts are a huge problem for lots of people with data showing there being over 55 million people are affected yearly. There are obvious ways to prevent droughts such as conserving water. As this may be a simple and an easier said than done scenario it is very unlikely to see a drought coming from so far away that you can start conserving water as a community. A great way to prevent the horrible damages of a drought could be a rainwater harvester, this would help to not have to worry about conserving their water but rather use the fresh water that comes conveniently from the sky! The air that we breathe is often overlooked, it can give us the oxygen we need to live and even water! Harvesting water from the air is a very unorthodox way to obtain water but now researchers are going more in depth to figure out how to harvest water from the air we breathe! These ways to save us from disastrous droughts may be unorthodox but will give us hope when there is none left.