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Wildfires have become a dire issue in a multitude of communities across the country and the globe. Increasing climate has been shown to increase the number of wildfires vastly. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the dry season where the US is susceptible to wildfires is for usually around 4 months, but in the 2021 season, it lasted 6 months and burned around 7 million acres across multiple states. One way to prevent the continual spread of wildfires is to have controlled fires in designated locations. Controlled fires are good for a variety of reasons including removing all of the dead and dry fuel that could spark the start of a wildfire that could ultimately burn down the healthy forest growth. Another positive factor these can have is removing invasive species of plants and insects. The Author Adam Pellegrini, an assistant professor at the University of Cambridge’s Department of Plant Sciences states that new research shows that small controlled fires can help to lock more carbon emissions in the soils thus benefiting the climate. Controlled fires are one of many ways we can improve not only are climate but improve the safety of us and others species.