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There have been and will be many impacts of climate-related hazards in my community including increased storms, heat, and flooding. My community is right on the coast and is prone to floods and increased precipitation like hurricanes and storms. We are also prone to increased heat in our area as warm air comes up the coast from the Gulf of Mexico. Many things in our community are prone to be affected by these climate hazards as big storms like hurricanes come up the east coast as the current leads them from the gulf to Virginia. Many ideas to prevent or help these climate hazards include making a more secure plan for when hurricanes come and raising more money to help repair and rebuild the community after it hits. We can do this by having a community meeting a couple times during hurricane season and making sure everyone knows the plan. We can also help build up money for rebuilding by having more donation booths around the community and advertising it all around the community. Will all this and help from the community we can help prepare ourselves for hurricanes and make sure we can rebuild back to normal quickly.