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Climate change is happening across the world. This includes extreme heat. Heat waves occur across the world, which happens when a system of high atmospheric pressure occurs for multiple days. Air from high levels of our atmosphere is dragged closer to the ground, where it becomes compressed and increases the temperature. Climates will get well over 90 degrees with humidity, which makes it feel a lot hotter. The longer the high pressure stays, the hotter it gets. Anything over 86 degrees can be harmful to the human body because people can’t sweat and cool themselves off properly. Our community should stay cooler and rarely exceed 100 degrees with humidity. This affects communities by affecting the health of the water, transport, diseases, and even air quality. Ways to combat this can be growing vegetation or trees around homes. This leaves more shade and provides cooling through evapotranspiration. It also affects the air quality. Using energy-efficient equipment can also help. They help the electric grid during heat waves. An easy way is to look for things with EPA’s star on them to make an energy-efficient decision. This can be a ceiling fan.