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Communities around the Chesapeake Bay are already suffering the effects of climate change and sea-level rise. Places such as Virginia Beach are highly dependent on coastal tourism which is being negatively affected by dying ecosystems and eroding beaches. Cities like Norfolk are regularly flooded, threatening people's livelihoods, closing schools, and damaging infrastructure. Tangier Island will be completely underwater and cease to exist due to sea-level rise. For the past two years, I’ve been in talks with local organizations and schools to promote awareness and testing of this technology for wide-scale implementation. I have contacted my representatives and Tangier Island government officials to introduce the technology. I am currently running a test installation in the Lynnhaven River studying the effect of Biorock on oyster growth in the Chesapeake Bay. Moving forward, I plan to work with organizations and governments such as the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Virginia Marine Resources Commission, and the US Army Corps of Engineers to implement Biorock in areas where seawalls would be harmful or cost-prohibitive. Once widescale implementation begins, I will work with the Global Coral Reef Alliance and Blue Regeneration, who are experienced in using Biorock to restore corals, for oyster restoration and shoreline protection.