Our group is submitting an entry for the Bright Art challenge. After much consideration we settled on the concept based on an interpreted idea of a kaleidoscope. We cut holes into a recycled pringles can because we needed the light from the top of the can to go travel through the holes and scatter the light. We broke a recycled cd and took the translucent pieces and colored them with the colors of the rainbow. We glued those pieces on some of the holes we cut so that some of the light would be different colors. After that we colored the clear lid with our colors so that when you shine a light through the lid, the uncovered holes would distribute the colored light . The lid has five different colors on it, so when the light moves, the light will shine on the different colors, which will change the color of the light. This project gives an example of two light interactions, transmission and scatter. The transmission interaction is caused when the light hits the colored cd pieces, which transmits the light through the cd pieces, which changes the color. The scatter interaction happens when the light shines through the uncovered holes, which scatters the light across the room.