During our brainstorming process we grabbed any available materials that seemed useful. At first we were going to make an infinity mirror but we did not have the materials to do so. While we were trying to figure out what else we could do we found out that we could color the light using colored sticky notes. We put a layer of tin foil on the inside of a shoebox to reflect the colorful light and put holes in the lid so that we could see it. It wasn’t bright enough and we ended up coloring parts of a clear cd that we broke so that less of the light would be absorbed and more would be transmitted and replaced the sticky notes with that which ended with a really good effect. We painted a galaxy design on it to make it look better and then we were finished. This project shows two interactions of light. It shows transmission when the light shines through the colored cd fragment, and reflection when it reflects off the tinfoil inside to fill the whole box with light.