My artwork is to display my name using fiber optics. These fiber optics have LEDs connected to one end and the other end of the fiber optics is put through a cardboard box. When I turn on the LEDs they flash different colors and the light gets transmitted into the fiber optics. This transmitted light reflects on the cladding of the fiber optics and goes all the way. You see the flashing transmitted colors at the end of the fiber. These fiber optics are arranged in a way to show my name. As you can see this artwork uses two properties of light, one is transmission and the other is the reflection.

The light from the LDEs gets transmitted into the fiber optics and it travels into the fiber optics strands that these individual LEDs are connected to.

The lights start to travel through the core of the fiber optics and do not escape due to the cladding. It is able to travel far and fast with the help of the cladding that is around the core. The light reflects at an angle from the cladding to the core and then again on the other side of the cladding and back to the core. This happens back and forth all the way to the end of the fiber. We see the transmitted flashy lights at the other end where the fiber optics end.

These end of fiber optics are arranged to display my name.

Materials used:

Cardboard box

Pin to make holes to put the fiber optics through

Fiber optics strands. They have three different materials, the core, cladding and the outer layer.

4 flashing LEDs w