My project basically is a painting inspired by La La Land in this one scene where they are looking out at the city from a hill towering it. To make this project I just first painted the scene, starting with the galaxy and then the hills. I then took a soldering iron to cut holes for the stars, I used a soldering iron because burning through the plastic made more of a concise circle for the LEDs making it appear more like stars. The two light interactions I have in my painting is absorption and transmission. Absorption is present in the painting because the dark-colored paint around the star absorbs the light so the light that comes from the hole is constrained to only the hole making it appear more like a star. Transmission is present because transmission is when light waves travel through a material and the light behind where I painted a lamp post is traveling through the canvas. The LEDs are actually reused from Christmas tinsel lights. To use them I reversed engineered it and unwind-ed the green wired tinsel from the LEDs. The painting overall could symbolize how in the darkest nights you can find the brightest of stars.