In this project, I have used light interactions to further enhance my art. These include transmission, reflection, as well as refraction. Transmission is used for the LED lights acting as snow behind the winter scene. The lights are transmitted through the white paint and the plastic, into the model. The LED lights resting on the shiny mirror-like paper, create a reflection on the plastic around the model, appearing to be as snow. Reflection was used again, when light from the sun on the left side of the paper hits the mirror paper separating the two seasons, reflecting the light back onto the tree. A crystal was placed on the color changing the light in the bottom left corner in bird’s view of the entire model. The crystal made the light change direction as it went through the crystal, showing refraction. After it changed direction, it hit the mirror like paper creating a reflection on the model, yet again. However, some of the light from this did go directly on the model. In reflection, the independent ray hits a surface, the mirror paper in this case, and the light is thrown back without the light being absorbed. In the case of refraction, the independent ray of light goes through the crystal, hits a surface at a certain angle, and the light is redirected. During transmission, the light is being transmitted, going through materials. These are the interactions of light that I have used within my Bright Art Challenge project.