In our Future Engineers project, we used a battery holder, an AA battery, pebbles, holographic cellophane, wires, and a pyramid. Let's start off with the pyramid, it is absorbing sunlight and transforming it into a rainbow. This rainbow is part of our art side in the project. It acts as the essential material that is located in the center of our project. Next, we have the AA battery along with the battery holder. The battery holder helps our circuit work and the AA battery powers the LED light. It is also connected to blue and red wires which transfer electricity to our project. They are, connected to the battery and are the substructure of the project. Basically, the producers of power for our project and they are circle our translucent pyramid. In total, we have some more materials to bring our whole project together such as holographic cellophane and pebbles that are green and blue. The base that holds the project together, would be the board. In conclusion, this is what we used and how we constructed this project.