To build the apparatus, I used recycled plastic bottles, 4 color LED wires of about 6 feet long, color-changing LED cells, white plastic bags, and aluminum foil. I made 3 different types of bottles for the LED wire. The first one being a big bottle, used as a container for flowers. This will help with transmission of the light inside. The second bottle has the LED wire wrapped around it, and is stored inside of the first bottle (also a container). Plastic bags are put around the second bottle, to diffuse the light, which is an example of the light scattering. The third bottle, the smallest one, is wrapped in alluminum foil and is put inside of the second bottle. This bottle acts as a reflector of the light. I made 4 of these buildings in different colors. For the color-changing LED cells, I made plastic flowers from the top of four different types of bottles (most 1L) by cutting the tops of bottles into 4-6 pettles to look like real flowers. I used the middle part of the bottles and cut them into very small, long pieces to stick out from the middle of the flowers. The LED cells were powered by 3 volt batteries. These were put above the bottle cap for each flower (the middle, in the inside of the long pieces). 4 of these LED cell flowers were made. These were put atop of the LED wire containers. The whole composition was placed on a borrowed mirror for finalization. The concluding interactions of light that were used were reflection, scattering, and transmission.