Absorption: In the left top side, the solar panels absorb sunlight. The left roof also absorbs sunlight which makes the room dark for the nocturnal owls Transmission: In the right attic room there is a window which has different colored glass. When a flash light hits red color sheet, red light will transmit but all the other six colors of light will be absorbed. The same thing is shown with all color cards. The polar bears are watching the Aurora Lights effect The hanging butterfly chandelier makes beautiful design on the floor when light is passed through. The mother polar bear in the right attic room is the light source. Refraction: The flower vase shows refraction. The wall paper pattern behind looks wavy when seeing through the water. The flower stem also looks bent in water Reflection: The ten engineers in the house are reflected by a mirror on the floor Scattering: The two cogwheel doors show scattering. When a light source hit one cogwheel door, it will show a rainbow on the other wall Materials House - milk carton, cereal box, recycled brown paper Sunlight- recycled salt box with flash light Solar panels – tea wrapper Roof tiles- pista shells Owls- toilet rolls Baby Polar bears- empty plastic tapes Window glass- recycle plastic sheets Chandelier- plastic butterfly from a broken toy Flower vase- recycled straws and pipe cleaners Engineers- used popsicle sticks Cogwheels- recycled CDs Wall light- recycled Styrofoam with led light Borrowed- drinking glass, mirror