Our art was inspired by nature. Sunlight and moonlight brightens day and night on earth and we wish all life forms to live amicably always. First for reflection, we cut coke can into the shape of fish and folded silvery inside of potato chip bag into flowers, with LED Light in centers with them. Light from a flashlight (coming from hole of pretend Sun & Moon) hit the mirror kept at an angle in the water, more reflection. Light was refracted in water in Tupperware pond, to give a shimmering silvery hue. The mirror reflecting back the light through the moving water gets refracted and diffracted to get a prism effect and project a rainbow spectrum onto the sky. There is also reflected light on the blue sky from ‘Sun’. We put a white paper lid at a distance over LED Light to scatter and disperse the light to make it look like flowers, with butterfly coming to them. We also used absorption when light was absorbed by the leaves, clouds and tree. White light fell and what was not absorbed was reflected as the color of the object. Sunlight ultimately gives all the energy and is directly or indirectly responsible for all we see around us. We wish all humanity understands how all living mass are individual colors which come together to make the white light. We wish for harmonious living beyond competitiveness, hence our artwork reflects is peaceful living together of the rabbit and the turtle after their famous race. Enjoying the colors and movement of light together.