My container will allow astronauts on the ISS to clip their fingernails without worrying about the clippings floating away, and potentially causing harm (in Zero-G, Fingernails Clippings could be inhaled, or even get stuck in machinery!). Right now, astronauts use air ducts to prevent this. I wanted to create a container that would allow them to clip their fingernails wherever they want, without having to stop what they're doing. To make this, print the .STL file provided, it includes the lid and the container. Place a clear plastic baggie over the largest opening in the container, and snap the lid on over it, so the baggie acts as a window into the box. You now have a finished ClipCatch! To use it, place the fingernail clippers through the rectangular hole, and your finger through the other. Now, you can see inside through the baggie window, and safely clip your fingernails in outer space! To better illustrate the use of my container, I included a rendering of fingernail clippers.

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