For our egg drop, we decided that a solution to stopping the egg from cracking would be to give it a sort of cushioning or bounce to stop it from breaking within the walls of the paper cup. We cut holes on the sides of two cups to put in rubber bands through those holes we made.. One cup was used for cushioning to stop the egg from hitting the bottom of the cup. We instead would propel the egg up and into the cushioning on the top of the interior. On the other cup, we decided to use a balloon that wasn't inflated to cause the egg to bounce back, stopping it from hitting the top of the interior. As for the parachute, we cut more holes of the top of the balloon cup and put in rubber bands to connect to two balloons that would slow the decent of the egg. As we tested it, the capsule went sideways, so we put a paper plate on the bottom of the capsule so it could land upright.