The egg drop system submitted can be created using five rubber bands, one paper plate, one small balloon, one 3-ounce paper cup, two 9-ounce paper cups, and four 6-inch pieces of ¾-inch width paper tape. Four rubber bands are wrapped vertically around the two 9-ounce paper cups (stacked together for stability). The rubber bands form two sets of parallel lines that intersect each other perpendicularly, creating a square on the open face center of the inner 9-ounce paper cup. The small balloon is inflated with air and placed inside the inner 9-ounce paper cup. A raw egg is inserted in the described square, suspended slightly above the balloon cushion. When the system hits the ground, the elasticity of the rubber bands and the balloon provide a soft landing for the egg by absorbing some of the energy of the impact and increasing the time of the collision. The 3-ounce paper cup is positioned on top of the egg to prevent it from rolling off the rubber band suspension system. Another rubber band is wrapped vertically around the entire described system to secure the 3-ounce paper cup in place. The paper plate is taped to the top 3-ounce paper cup and acts as a parachute to stabilize the drop, using its surface area to increase air resistance and resist the downward motion of the system when dropped. At the end of the submitted video, the egg is cracked open to confirm that it is truly a raw egg.