Everyone thinks eggs are fragile and easy to break. Using our glider design, we proved that we can drop an egg 8 feet without shattering it. My friend and I are both in middle school and are excited to learn about new things that could help our future careers as engineers. We both like things different so that we stand out from the norm and we are both fascinated with all things plane and automotive, so it was an easy choice to use a glider idea for our design.
We started with a basic paper glider prototype. Then we built a larger, cardboard and plastic biplane version. Once we had the design down, our challenge was to make it as small as possible and only use the allowed materials. Our final product is a glider plane with a balloon nose and a rear tail flap which acts as a diffuser, pushing the rear of the plane down. The plane’s wingspan is eleven inches and its length is twelve inches. We used paper cups, straws, tape, paper plates and a balloon in our glider design. We continuously tested the glider, making changes to the design all in order to protect the egg.
Using our Egg Drop Glider, we were able to drop the egg from 8 feet onto a hard tile floor with no scratches or cracks in the egg. Our project turned out as a success and we are very pleased with the result. It was a lot of fun building and creating this egg drop. It taught us a lot and we both feel like we have learned even more about what it takes to be an engineer.