The system that I created was able to protect an egg from cracking after an eight foot drop. This system was a novel and creative approach towards fortifying an egg during a fall. In order to protect the egg after its impact landing, it was placed in many small pieces of straws, providing a softer surface for the egg to land on. The paper cup was used to hold the egg as well as the pieces of straws. Additionally, there was one straw crossing the cup at the top in order to prevent the egg from falling out of the cup during the eight foot drop. Also, there was one rubber band used to keep the longer piece of straw from falling out of the cup. The product is also small in size, thus making it easily reproducible. All in all, I used 1 egg, 4 straws, 1 paper cup, and 1 rubber band to make the system. Clearly, this system does not require many materials to be built, hence it is a very efficient product.