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The Snow leopard is on the best hunters in the tundra area. Many of them can be found in Siberia and are on the endangered species list. This means the Snow Leopard needs to adapt to its environment in order to survive as temperatures rise. I believe the Snow leopard might need to change the color of its fur to camouflage better as the snow melts and might need a longer jaw to be able to eat animals hiding in holes and burrows underground. On the other hand the Snow leopard could adapt to an environment with more water as sea levels rise. If this occurs i believe that the leopard will acquire a larger lung capacity and have webbed feet. This might allow the Snow Leopard to hunt fish and kill crustacean on the bottom of the ocean. If the Snow Leopard does not adapt to its environment soon it will be driven north until virtually all of its habitat will be melted and go extinct. Another possibility for the Snow Leopard evolution could be a more mountainous life. The Snow Leopard could develop stronger legs and larger paws in order to be able to have more traction on the ground. The Snow Leopard could go in the northern icy peaks of the Ural Mountains where the climate is similar to the tundra of siberia. Lastly another possibility is that the snow leopard might cross from siberia to Northern Canada where there are more ice caps and move into the arctic circle of Northern Canada.