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For the project we have decided to make a mutation to the species of monkey in the brazilian jungle. In the jungle there a specific type of brazilian nut that monkeys cannot currently open with the set of jaws it has. Our proposed mutation is to enhance the overall muscular of the animal structure of the animal so that the jaw muscles will be able to break the nuts and have more food variation. However the improvement of the muscles will also make the animal more aggressive in its habitat. The higher aggressive nature of the animal will make it be able to get to the food faster. Also the more aggressive and muscular males will have an easier time fighter off other males competing for a mate. In addition to this mutation changes would be made to the metabolism of the animal higher due to the larger muscle mass. This would negatively affect the animal and cause it to need to hunt more to keep food in its body. The males would also need to hunt more for the family in order to make sure everyone was fed. The males would need to collect more nuts and the new mutation in the jaw muscles of the monkeys would allow them to open the nuts and get the more nutrients. Hopefully overall the mutation will be an improvement to the environment and the biosphere.