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The weather will heat up due to global warming, especially in the rainforest because of the humidity. Also, the rainforests will shrink due to humans cutting down the trees. Right now, the okapi has thick skin and fur, so in the future, due to the heat, the okapi will lose the fur to not overheat, but will still keep the thick skin, but it will be a bit skinnier. In present day the okapi’s shelter is the whole rainforest, but humans are cutting down the trees so its shelter will be smaller in the future. The genes that will make it to the future will be the tough skin to keep it warm in the winter and to repel most of the heat in the summe Right now, the okapi has two horns on its head. Also, the okapi’s legs are very powerful. So, in the future it will have bigger and stronger legs and huge horns. Currently, the legs are used to kick attackers and the horns don’t do much, but in the future, the legs will be powerful enough to kill animals and horns long enough to hit enemies.The okapi uses it tongue to reach leaves and tree buds to eat, but trees might not always be around. So the okapi will use its legs to kill small animals to eat. The okapi will change its diet because of the lack of trees in the future. Currently, the okapi can run at 40 miles per hour with its long legs. With stronger legs, it can run from 90 -160 miles per hour depending on its age. The legs will be longer to run over more obstacles. As mention before, the fur will be lost, making only the skin visibl