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According to scientific observation the jungles are being lessened through the years and in a thousand years they will be barely anything. Jungles are dying constantly because of three most common things, tree chopping, pollution(causes unhealthy plantation) and fires due to campfires that go out of control, city fires, and global warming fires. People have been taking over the world and killing it since it was born but in thousands of years some animals might adapt to the changes. When the jungles are gone tigers wont have any where to live and the cities would take up the inner land so tigers would move to the shore. The shore is dangerous, tsunamis can happen and scientists expect Florida to be underwater in a matter of years so it might happen to on the shore very soon if anything so tigers must be prepared. Tigers will get webbed feet so the could swim and webbed tails that are thickers and can be used as flippers. Tigers can walk on land and swim in water. TIgers will be able to hold their breath for over 10 minutes. It will also get wings so it could fly over things to get around and fly over cities and over oceans to move and migrate to places that there is space to live in. Tigers will develop teeth that are very sharp and strong and long to attack prey and brown colors to blend in with the wilderness so the prey cant see the tiger and they can attack them with a low chance of losing it.