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It soars the sky and makes nests on top of factories and its smoke because its lungs have adapted to filter and eat the smoke that they make so because there are so many factories they evolved to not getting sick from it also it still sometimes will go in water to cool down. They now have wings because predators are dangerous and its lungs are evolved and just like the past were it had gills on the outside it has lungs on the outside that are in the shape of a crown also it has grown in size. Last it has evolved to mostly be the black type instead of the white or blue etc. This is because they have adapted to camouflage and even though there can be pink ones still out there it is more rare. Their diet has adapted greatly instead of eating small things they can swallow hole their lungs are on the outside of their body that looks like a crown and using that they filter the smoke around them and turn it into food this allows them to not be threatened by the increase of factories eating smoke but still it has the ability to eat small animals.It has grown wings for two reasons one predators are mostly unable to get them in the air so as a defense they fly away second is so that they could live on top of factories and filter the smoke from there which combines safety with lots of food.Yes since it already has many types of breeds and the most common one was pink now the most common breed has become the black one because it is better for camouflage even though there will still be