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It will adapt to its surroundings by living around something that they can hide in it or around it. When the creature feels like it’s getting threatened it will also puff up so it looks bigger and the predator goes away. When it changes its appetite it first has to get bigger or smaller to change its diet, and if there is a different creature trying to get its prey and this creature wants it then it will have to battle and that may be a challenge for it to find food in a different environment.For my creature some skills that it will have it to help it find food is it well have a good sense of smell to find whatever it usually eats. This creature's body can change to help it move through this new environment because if it needs to go away it can get smaller so it would be able to get to where it needs through small spaces. Some camouflage traits are that they are green with white shapes on it and that will be helpful because it is a tree snake and it can help it camouflage into trees with the leaves. When it hot it will be a normal snake cause it usually likes to live where there is humidity but when it gets cold it has extra fluff that makes it bigger so it keeps them warm. these are some facts about the future emerald tree boa