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Climate change in the Amazon river may cause the river to dry up and cause the fish to have to repopulate .Piranha’s are however quite adaptive and can adapt to new surroundings in a day or less.It will most likely seek warm water with and abundance of plants and other fish to eat .their teeth and thin fins can help them swim quickly and to eat flesh with their large sharp teeth . The piranha has sharp teeth and bright colours to keep predators away.However in the future, the will grow feet to get back on land and if the lakes dry up they can repopulate on land .Their teeth will grow to be 2 feet long .Also they will have have spikes along their vertebrae to shout”Don't touch me”.The animal will also be amphibious so they can breath on land and water . Piranhas hunt in packs .But in the future they may have to hunt alone because fish could be sparse so,in my imagination the piranha will be qble to change colour to become part of where the fish is .this will also create a way to get away from predators .the diet may have to change in order to survive on land so while on land their ideal food may be bugs and small animal carcasses Over time the piranha will grow feet to get away from predators .As well as develop better stamina for running and swimming away from predators longer and faster.their skeletons will also be made of cartilage to increase hydrodynamics and be quicker to the food.their fins when swimming will be made of graphene,the strongest most th