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Physical adaptations that a Scarlet Macaw have that could help them in the future is their wings because they can camouflage and fly away if their is danger. Their could be climate change and less rainforest because of people cutting trees. Now a Scarlet Macaw flies with it wings and can chop hard nuts with its beak. I think in the future they could grow longer wings and maybe change colored wings based from climate change. Like if it is warmer brighter colors and if it is colder darker colors. The rainforests are losing 137 plants, animals, and insects each day. Scarlet Macaws could become extinct or very endangered in the future. They live in green canopies and they will adapt to new surroundings by changing colors to help them camouflage better. I think the feathers would thin in the summer because of the heat and in the winter they will get warm from their feathers. Well present day Scarlet Macaws have really sharp beaks that can pinch predators and break nuts and berries. To fight off predators maybe the colors could change like a chameleon to camouflage. The beak helps them crush nuts and seeds. I don’t think it will change is diet because they eat a lot of different foods. They also use their claws to hold the food. Yes Scarlet Macaws use their wings to fly and their feet to grip on to branches. I think that the wings could grow longer because they already have the biggest wingspan. Maybe when the feathers thin they could expand longer.