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Habitat: If the forest is still in the future then it will dig a lot of holes and the perfect spot is a hole is under a tree. The holes (not his home) are for his tounge to get fruit in the trees from a safe distance. If a predator enters one of it’s holes the Tortoise can easily fight it off because the tortoise has more knowledge of it’s home than the predator. Defense: In the future the yellow foot tortoise will have spikes on the shell and metal claws and it can breath fire and the tongue can reach out like a grappling hook. The spike will be located on the shell so when ever some one trys to attack it the spikes can badly damage the enemy . The claws can dig 6 times faster than 100 humans digging a hole and the fire can burn predators 2 times faster than a forest fire and the tip of the tongue is a spear to either get fruit or kill the enemy from a distance. Forage: If the rainforest is gone then the next thing is the desert. The sea is not a good option because if they go in the ocean they will drown and die. The desert has fruit but cacti is something that the yellow foot tortoise can eat. The sand makes it easier to dig underground. Locomotion: My animal will have metal claws to help it dig. The metal claws can dig 6 times as fast then 100 men digging a hole at once. This is useful because the claws can run away from preditors. The main way it travels is by digging. Camouflage:My animal will not camouflage. It can’t camouflage because it will already be in the