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-Toco Toucan- Climate change affects the life of a toucan because people tear down their trees and rainforests for specific reasons. Such as building coal mines. Another way climate change affects the toucan is when the their water sources become contaminated by acid water, which is caused by air pollution. The bright colors of the toucan are said to scare predators away from food. To defend themselves against other predators they confide in their loud voices to scare them away. This doesn't just scare the predators away but alerts other toucans that they are in danger. To size the predator up tey may hit a branch with their large beak. The toucan travels to find fresh fruit, even as the seasons change. If they can not find fruit they will go to whatever is available. They have a long flat tongue that helps them eat insects, reptiles, frogs, and more. Toucans also sometimes eat other birds eggs. Wings help the toucan travel different distances. Although they have wings they are not great flyers and tend to jump branch to branch, and if they need to go further they hop and flap their wings. To hide themselves toucans hid their beak in their feathers to blend in to the dark since their whole body is black, except for their neck and beak. This helps when they are in the hollows of the trees. Food shortages will happen if there is a climate change in the rainforest. The toucan is a warm blooded animal. It keeps warm by hiding its beak in its feathers because the more