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The kind of shelter that foxes use are burrows underground. They also use their burrows to keep warm when its cold. Another thing they use for a habitat is they use thick leaves to go on top of them for shelter. The way that my creature uses for defense is its teeth. They also have very good hearing so they could hear their prey from very far away. Also foxes could pounce very easily for catching their prey. Foxes could be very quiet at sometimes so they could catch their prey without them knowing. My creature might change its diet because right now foxes eat meat from other animals. The reason why I think that my animal would change its diet is because all of the animals in the future might go extinct so they might have to start eating plant or vegetables. Another reason that my animals might change his diet is because foxes might get “lazy” and stop wanting to hunt for their prey. Foxes tails or bodies might get smaller because when they might stop eating meat they could get smaller or skinnier without any meat. They might also lose fur and you could only see their skin, and it would look “hairless”. Also foxes might develop bigger claws for them to dig underground easier. My creature could change camouflage because if all of the trees and plants turn brown or red they could blend in very well with its environment. Or if my fox was an arctic fox they blend in with the snow very easily because their fur is white. But the red foxes could blends in with the dirt and