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The fossavoda is my future creation rainforest animal. It’s ancestor is the fossa which is a vertebrate animal that lives on the coast of Madagascar. The fossa is most closely related to the mongoose. The fossa has either red, brown, or black coloration with round ears, a short snout, slender body, and long tail. While hunting, they use their long tail to help them move through tree branches. Although fossas are nocturnal they can hunt during the day. Fossas have excellent senses of sight, smell, and hearing. The fossavoda will have several adaptations from the fossa that will help it survive with rising sea levels. The first adaptation of the fossavoda is webbed paws. The skin between their paws will help the propell and swim through the water more easily. Another adaptation the fossa voda will have is it’s whiskers will become sensors to help the fossavoda navigate underwater and search for food. Similar to catfish, the whisker sensors will be elongated and detect certain molecules in water. The sensors will also help the fossa voda find prey. The third adaptation of the fossavoda will be it’s fur texture will change. It will become much thicker along with a wax coating will develop around the hairs to help prevent water from saturating the skin. The last adaptation of the fossa will be its ability to swim using its long tail. The fossavodas tail will be altered from the fossa’s tail to help it swim through water instead of climb through trees.