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The rainforest will die due to climate change and all the ocelots will be left without a home. The ocelot will have to adapt it’s new clime. Witch for this project is forests. My future ocelot will live in a forest with a couple lakes. The ocelot can fight off other animals with its sharp claws and claws for the future if they move to a forest. I’m guess that there fur will get a little darker so they would have more camouflage and there spots will stay the same. We are the number one enemy because we are cutting down trees and that is one of the reasons that there population is decreasing. My future ocelot will have long claws, sharp teeth and leen hearing. My ocelot will be thertning with it’s long claws and sharp teeth. The ocelot will fight of a animal with it’s sharp claws. The sharp claw will be like a sharp knife (but not as sharp). Also the ocelots sharp teeth which will be good for small animals and chewing. My future ocelot will eat meat the meat my ocelot will eat will be, little animals, fish, birds, etc. When my ocelot evolves it will get faster and smarter. It will not be that big of a hot head. (not get mad that easily). My future animal will have a very similar diet to the normal diet of and ocelot. My future ocelots will live in a pack and travel together as a pack. They will sleep together up on tree branches or make little nests on the ground. They will spilt into groups when they go to hunt so one group will hunt little animals another fish and the