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Right now the sloths’ habitat is the tree canopies. They are about 2-2.5 feet long. They eat a lot of tree leaves each day. Sloths move slow so predators like cats and hawks would not see their movement. They sleep 17 to 20 hours each day. They are green because of the algae in its fur to provide camouflage by blending in to the color of the tree leaves. In the future it will live on a savanna because its habitat will disappear. They will become smaller because they used to be the size of an elephant. They will shrink even more with less food to eat. Their diet will change from tree leaves to ants because they will return to its ancestry part of the armadillo and anteater family. They would be much faster. Their awkward legs will become more agile. They will be much more active so that they can escape from predators. They would be tan and no longer green. Their hair will lose the grooves where the algae used to live. Their fur will become thinner. They will no longer live in trees and will not need to blend into the color of the tree leaves.