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Our group chose the Jaguar, also known as the Panthera Onca. One of the future adaptations we thought for the future jaguar is a smokier looking pelt, and the reason for the smoky pelt is the factory smoke that might cause the pelt to look different, and making the pelt darker. Another prediction we have for the future of the jaguar species is that the jaguar would grow an extra toe. This would help the the jaguar walk through heavy undergrowth, trash, and other things littered on the floor. Two other adaptations that we predicted is that in the future, they're eyes will be bigger, and sharper eyesight the bigger eyes would increase the field of vision. So for example, the animal could see behind itself. The sharper eyesight would help the jaguar to be able to see prey, and another reason the jaguar would need to see better eyesight is that if most trees, bushes and undergrowth have disappeared from the jungle, the past rainforest would be a flat, wide, empty, dry savannah, so they would have to see different things around them. The dry savannah we mentioned earlier could also greatly affect jaguars. Jaguars are more used to cool and damp places, like said before. So, these animals are very good swimmers. But, maybe in the future, jaguars will have to get used to the dry places. They're paws will become stronger to get used to the dry land. They're swimmer skills will still maintain, but they will not use them for that much, besides getting water.