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Today, a group of chameleons reside in the Amazonian rainforests of South America. They mostly hang out in the green foliage of the tropical trees along the Andean Volcanic Belt. It utilizes camouflage by changing the color of their skin to blend in with its habitat. Fast forward thousands of years, the Yanayachisqa (Yana for short) Camaleón became a newly formed species in the year 4850. It grew to an immense size reaching a maximum of 8 feet long. Large horns and sharp spikes emerged from its skin along with a whole new adaptation. From the Andean volcanic eruptions of the 4000s, the Yana Camaleón reached the ultimate camouflage stage as the object itself. By natural selection, the darker chameleons survived more by blending in with the ash and cooled molten rock. It’s skin even matched the rocky texture of its surroundings.