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Butterflies are like bees, they have wings, they pollinate, and they are both insects of the rain forests. But, butterflies, are becoming endangered due to climate change in the rain forest. Caterpillars are going into the chrysalis stage earlier because of climate change. The chrysalis stage starts when the temperature goes up, and because of this, butterflies are dying from the early stages. When the temperature goes up, caterpillars start going into their cocoon because of the temperature triggering it. If butterflies go, then a lot of crops are going down with them. Even though bees pollinate almost everything, butterflies have their fair share too. Butterflies pollinate milkweed, calendula, and yarrow. Without milkweed, butterflies wouldn’t have a food source, because butterflies pollinate milkweed, and milkweed feeds butterflies. Heat also causes discoloration. In conclusion, rainforests would no longer be forests because of low pollination, and butterfly wings will be discolored.