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The Toucan has changed immensely in the last 212 years. In 2021 this bird was colorful and soared through the air. Since then, the sky has been polluted so much that they could not fly without being poisoned, so their wings quit working. Their beak and bright colors have dulled to dark gray due to chemicals in the water that they drink. They have resorted to being scavengers, like most species, eating what little they can find. They have to climb in order to get out of reach of predators. They have developed a lump on their beak to help them defend themselves against said predators. The Toucans are clinging to the Amazon Desert in South America. Their population has drastically decreased due to a shortage of food, going from about 10,000 in 2021 to 994 in 2233. About 56% are in captivity as an attempt to save the species.